Post-Op Surgery Massage

Post-Op Surgery Massage

If you recently underwent surgery, you’re probably experiencing aches, pain, and an overall uncomfortable feeling. While everyone has different post-op healing times, you can maximize yours by getting a massage that targets the specific body parts that endured trauma during your surgery.

Alora Health Spa specializes in post-op surgery massage therapy, helping our clients in their rehabilitation journey. We recommend one-time or multiple sessions, depending on the swelling and inflammatory reactions your body is experiencing. With the touch of our skilled hands, the use of high-quality materials, and the proper techniques, we expedite your healing process, allowing you to return to enjoying life sooner.

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Post-Op Surgery Massage Services

Swelling is surgery's most common side effect, and it can decrease the time it takes your body to heal. Swelling is a natural inflammatory reaction that occurs when fluid rushes to the surgical location to supply it with white blood cells to promote healing. Certain operations are prone to causing extra swelling because the excess fluid and fat cells harden in the affected area, causing prolonged pain and scar tissue buildup.

When you visit our spa for a post-op surgery massage, we’ll apply a relaxing technique that encourages the breakdown and transfer of accumulated fluid and other buildups to help reduce swelling. It also helps to prevent fibrosis—thickening or scarring of the tissue—on the surface and beneath the skin. As a result, you’ll experience pain relief, and your skin will have a better chance of healing smoothly.

If you’re struggling with the aftermath of surgery, consider visiting our spa for one of the many massages we offer, including the following:

  • Post-op liposuction massage
  • Post-op lymphatic massage
  • Post-op Breast surgery massage
  • Post-op body lift massage
  • …and many more!

We perform messages on all areas of the body following any surgical procedure. If you would like a complete list of our services, we welcome you to contact our spa to speak with a member of our massage team. They’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Recovery Benefits of Post-Op Massages

Post-op massage therapy is a technique tailored to speed up recovery and reduce long-term side effects. When you visit our spa for a customized massage, here are some of the many benefits you can expect:

Soft Tissue Repair

Our massage technique will help promote circulation and blood flow in the treated area, increasing the flow of nutrients. When soft tissue becomes damaged during a surgical procedure, it requires a steady supply of nutrients to repair itself.

Less Scar Tissue Formation

Our massage techniques are designed to relax the muscles and eliminate fluid buildup to help lower the chance of scar tissue forming on and below the skin's surface.

Accelerated Healing Process

When your body has better circulation and can efficiently distribute nutrients, surgically treated areas will heal faster. Our techniques help increase blood flow and oxygen to organs and tissues, which is necessary for self-regeneration.

If you’ve been struggling with the recovery phase of your surgery, we can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your concerns and decide which massage therapy option will work best for you.

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Post-op surgery may not need to be as uncomfortable and persistent as you think. With the correct technique, you can be on your way to enjoying life as usual.

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