At Alora Health Spa, we know the perfect brow is integral to your beauty goals. The right eyebrow shape and thickness can define the rest of your face and elongate your features, enhancing your natural beauty and elevating your look. When you’re looking for a simple, safe, natural-looking, and permanent method to achieve the ideal brows, we have the solution you need.

Our clinic is focused on maintaining the highest standards for microbladed brows. When you book an appointment with our brow specialists, you benefit from our use of advanced technology, top-of-the-line industry training and experience, and a clean, comfortable, and healthy space where you can enjoy various permanent makeup services.

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Microblading Defined

Microblading is a form of tattooing in which fine needles are used to create semi-permanent, realistic-looking eyebrows. The needles deposit pigment into the upper layer of skin, called the dermis, resulting in natural-looking brows that can last up to 18 months.

A microblading session takes about one to two hours. This includes the time it takes to prep the area, numb the skin, and do the microblading.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural eyebrows or create a whole new look, microblading can help you achieve the brows you’ve always wanted. If you’re considering this treatment, our well-established technicians are here to make your goals come to life. Contact us to learn more about how to get the perfect brow for your unique face shape.

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Safe and Affordable Microblading Services

Our safe and affordable microblading services allow you to wake up with the brows of your dreams and go about your day without them sweating off during even the most strenuous activities.

Some of our most popular permanent eyebrow services include:

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Combo brows
  • Ombre brows
  • Nano brows
  • Powder brows
  • Fusion brows
  • Hybrid brows
  • Custom brow stroke types
  • Brow correction services

Are you looking for brow advice or a microblading service we didn’t include in the list above? Get in touch with our experienced staff to discuss the details.

We’re always looking forward to helping you connect with the brow treatments that last the longest and help you look and feel your best. Reach out to our certified professionals to learn more about how to prepare for your first appointment at our clinic.