Scar Treatment After Surgery

Scar Treatment After Surgery

Scarring is a natural part of the post-op healing process following a surgical procedure that invades the skin and soft tissues. Many surgical patients are unhappy at the sight of their scars, which is why Alora Health Spa offers a range of treatment services to help remove marks caused by surgery.

Our specialized treatment aims to reduce scarring below and on the skin's surface. It includes lymphatic drainage and massage, targeted deep body massage, and other scar management approaches, including topical gels, creams, serums, LED therapies, and more!

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Reasons to Consider Having Scar Treatment

While scaring is a natural healing effect following a surgical procedure, many people are unhappy with how it affects the look of their bodies. Whatever your reason, scar treatment will help you regain confidence in your skin and help you move on from your surgery. Here are some of the more common reasons our clients come in for scar treatment:

  • The scar is on a visible part of their body
  • The scar is thick and unattractive
  • The scar feels rough and causes ongoing pain

You deserve to feel your best in your skin. If you have one or more scars that bring you grief, we encourage you to contact our spa to discuss our proven scar treatment options.

Scar Treatment Recovery Time

The recovery time following scar treatment varies based on the procedure, but it’s generally minimal. Depending on the scar's thickness, size, and position, the recovery time following light therapy ranges from a few days to a few weeks. If you opt for a topical treatment plan, there is generally no recovery time, but we recommend limiting time in the sun if your scar has direct exposure.

During your private consultation, your assigned technician will walk you through the treatment options, detail the complete procedure of each, and discuss their potential risks and side effects, if any. They’ll also review the recovery time and activities to avoid directly following the treatment.

Scar Treatment from Passionate Professionals

Here at Alora Health Spa, our team comprises experienced, certified, and passionate professionals. We possess in-depth, specialized knowledge of proven scar treatment procedures to help you feel better about your skin. We understand that surgery can leave visible scarring that most of our clients want to be removed or significantly lessened.

We're continually updating our roster of knowledge with industry developments and new techniques to keep our skills at their best. When you’re in our care, you can trust that we’ll apply a treatment procedure that will give you the results you’re looking for.

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